Cascode - common collector amplifier

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Available RC coupling between its two stages can also be directly coupled. It is in addition to the common-emitter total radio circuit configuration o road fork a widely used o

Cascode - common collector amplifier
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utside the common-emitter circuit previously described total group or common-emitter circuit cascaded to form a multistage amplifier, since the output impedance of the previous stage and after stage input impedance varies greatly, cause the front stage gain reduction is much smaller. Especially in the broadband RC coupled amplifier, since the post-stage input capacitance also directly parallel to the front stage output terminal, in addition to the post-stage input capacitance and distributed capacitance crystal wiring outside the intermediate tube capacitance Cbe, there c transistors coupled across an equivalent capacitance between -b [called Miller capacitance, Cm (1 + Rv). S]. The sum of these capacitance values tend to be large (bulk ten pF to several thousands pF), so that the high frequency response of the amplifier port deterioration Further, in the multi-stage common-emitter wideband amplifier, because greater impact between the front and rear stage circuit, making the design and tuning circuits are complicated.

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