Multifunctional Hi-Fi preamplifiers

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Circuit shown in Figure 3 a child opening the main amplifier balanced by the electromagnetic pickup, line amplifiers and high tone control circuit consisting of roads and other

Multifunctional Hi-Fi preamplifiers
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parts for electromagnetic player, radio tuner, player, tape playback and line input as before preamplifier is o NE5532 integrated operational amplifier circuit assembly, having a high signal to noise ratio, low transient distortion, etc., it has a high technical performance art. Electromagnetic attenuation using a phono equalizer amplifier feedback equalization amplification clamor, because it has a high technical performance o like negative feedback phono equalizer amplifier by means of a large negative feedback loop to get the RIAA standards prescribed. The depth of the negative feedback helps reduce harmonic distortion and improve signal to noise ratio, but sometimes increases transient distortion, high fidelity make the circuit is not guaranteed. Resistive and capacitive attenuation equalizer amplifier is a resistor-capacitor network in parallel with the signal path through the attenuation network of regulatory signals to comply with prescribed standards RIAA. The disadvantage of this approach is balanced after the adoption of a balanced network, signal attenuation is large, and therefore need to increase the network after equalization amplifier stage, to make up for the loss of network signal attenuation gain. This circuit combines the characteristics of the two circuits, using an attenuated feedback phono equalizer amplifier. In the low moon paragraph (20H ~ lkH) using negative feedback in a balanced manner, due to lower this frequency and the use of an appropriate amount of negative feedback, the electric path at low frequency distortion and signal to noise ratio has greatly improved. For 1kffi- 20kHz high-frequency band by R6.C6 composed by attenuating the attenuation network to eventually meet the standards o RIAA circuit decorated by the late Choi Ilcz make a total magnification so it reaches the desired output level of 35 ~ 40dB. Line amplifier by the Ic3 and related components. It input signals, including players, tuners, phono, line input, as appropriate amplification to meet the post-amp input level required, and also the front, between the level reached after the output and input impedance reasonable match. The amount of amplification level is about 25dB. IC4, arsenic, RP3 and related components consisting of attenuated tone control circuit, high, bass control, if need sound tone control, a tone circuit I will cut through the switch carp rainbow, directly after the input signal level from the IC3 amplifier circuit. This circuit should be of high quality components assembled, resistance should use metal film resistors, Class I accuracy. Use electrical capacitance polyol content. Power should use the symmetrical power supply.

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