Osteoarthritis treatment circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

At present, more and more patients with osteoarthritis, osteoarthritis to relieve the tremendous suffering to the patient, so that patients return to normal life. In this case

Osteoarthritis treatment circuit
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the circuit is applied to the patient through the DC coated with the drug diseased part two electrodes, can effectively alleviate the suffering of patients, play a supporting role in the treatment. (1) The circuit osteoarthritis therapy device circuit from the power circuit, a timing circuit, the current regulating circuit, control circuit and power circuit from the power switch S, the power transformer T, rectifier diode bridge UR1, UR2, filter capacitor C1, C2, 7824 three-terminal integrated voltage regulator, steady voltage diode vs] and so on, as shown in Figure 24-8. (2) circuit works turned on the AC 220V voltage, the transformer windings W2 and W3 T secondary winding side respectively generate 35V AC voltage and the AC voltage of 8V. 8V AC voltage UR2 after bridge rectifier and filter c3, the LED lights. Turn the timer D (set treatment time), AC 35V electrical voltage into direct current through the bridge rectifier UR1 after pressure by controlling the contact of the timer D input terminal points plus three terminal regulator block, then by cl filtering and 7824, VS1 steady after pressure from the regulator output block outputs 7824, after R1 and RP limiting, by electrode a and B applied to the diseased part of the patient. And this at the same time, the relay K2 pull its normally closed contacts K2 off, normally open contact K2 is turned on, the relay Kl is energized, normally open contact Kl on. When the treatment time, the timer D contact off, cut off regulator block 7824 input operating voltage, relay K2 release, its normally open contact K2 off, normally closed contact K2 connected, both ends of the G voltage through the normally open contacts Kl K1 and K2 to provide work for the music alarm circuits as voltage, so that the circuit, music alarm sound emitted from the speaker BL, suggesting that the time has come to treat patients.

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