Pre-dividing power amplifier

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Active lOA/loOw above, T several MHz high-power tube (the price is only about 3 to 4 yuan a, is fT of more than one-fifth SOMHz same power tube below) 6 we can use for producti

Pre-dividing power amplifier
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on of very simple circuit is excellent good, high reliability in low frequency high power amplifier towel 4. 5] is a mature shows a circuit, you do not worry it will be like the heart of a full-band high power amplifier as problematic or damaged, there is no need to use low-frequency capacitance resistance or various high compensation, and its plenty of energy particularly suited to home theater systems q in addition to the power supply section, you will no doubt be surprised its low cost. And you want it changed to Class A amplifier, to better reflect its high gain (non-efficient) benefits. This is some high-current, high-power tube work together rock solid, you just appropriate to increase the radiator or in parallel can be jumped (not taken into account the power supply). What transient distortion; high-frequency self-excited you can easy to settle, while making high frequency low power (relative) amplifiers, such as, 30W power amplifier, because less power, it has a slew rate 20V/microsecond or so is enough points, and this, this kind of amplifier do it to save money and save time, you can even use the integrated amplifier.

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