Sound pretty inexpensive bed HI-FI circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

The system consists of a CD player, amplifier, speakers, power supply, headphones. Mitsumi CD machine designed for the United States and 97 years in mainland China launched a 4-speed CD-ROM, and to speed up the panel out of box keys,

Sound pretty inexpensive bed HI-FI circuit
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ability to read the disk, home PHILIPS 731 CD turntable machine can not properly put in here can play smoothly. It is inexpensive, high resolving power sound good, but not enough, directly with the headphones have a sense of not push it, but also the absolute value of the product, the same price of Hitachi products are mostly parallel, and can not directly play CD. Homemade amplifier for the TL082 and TDA15 21, the circuit shown in Figure 5-74, as shown in Figure 5-75 6 aircraft power supply voltage is preferably not higher than double 14V, but the power can not be less than 20W, use two-12V E-type transformers. © resistance all 1 / 4W5 ring gold film 6 with domestic monolithic capacitors, polyester. TDA1521 input using SANYO's 47uF / 6, 3V organic solid capacitors t 560VF / 35v electrolytic ELNA as ordinary goods, where only a few pieces of imported capacitance is related to sound quality, can not be sloppy, but the price higher cell trial Amplifier use a cooling fan 486, substantially without interference noise. Car speakers with the speaker tops plastic shell fixed two Southern Whale YD- 110-8SXA speaker proud that the number of frequency response data is amidships ~ 10000Hz, Xin real deep but not low frequency response fast, accurate and good vocals. In fact, musical pitch higher than 8000Hz is not much. Try to put Tchaikovsky's "Piano collapse Prelude", "1812", feeling the sound of steel most stubborn cases more accurate performance, copper wind instruments make you feel brilliant, I can not dive guns SPL is not. But it is clear q connect a 1 yuan / m 30 stocks, "gold and silver" line. The speaker is 4 inches in the largest magnet, with some 6.5 inches magnet difference is not much, and shielded t can be used in the home or in the main channel sound. Power supply with "UPS", a 14V / 2A opening off all power generating voltage, power (lights) when the battery power supply, the circuit shown in Figure 5-76 4 The electric battery capacity can not be lower than 4Ah, the evening also led to a fans and air only, point a small reading lamp. Students can hear the headphones made a headphone amplifier, preferably with two homemade AD847, headphones recommended S () NY of 741 earbuds and headphones PHILIPS the SBC100 is available in accordance with the economic strength q is characterized by performance balance. Cost-

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