Motor Controller

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

A dual DC motor controller that utilizes an H-bridge controller chip. As well as the basic features of the H-bridge driver chip including thermal and over-current protection, the circuit presented in this project supports dual 12V/5V regulated power supplies, sign/magnitude and brake driver logic, current sensing and optional opto-isolation of the 5V logic and 12V motor driver circuitry.

Motor Controller
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Although the motor controller uses a particular H-bridge driver chip, the modular design of the overall motor controller means that it is possible to use one or more of the modules with your own motor controller circuit. Most of the driver chips tend to fall into the last category. The fundamental differences between various driver chips are their power rating, ability to drive 1 or 2 motors and the packaging. Higher-end chips also have additional driver logic, thermal shutdown and over current protection. The most popular chips are the National Semiconductor LMD18200 and the SGS-Thomson (ST) Microelectronics L298 but they have specialized packaging. With less power capacity and less function are the ST Microelectronics L293D and the pin compatible Texas Instruments SN754410 that have DIP packaging. I investigated various prebuilt motor controllers circuits based on the L298 and LMD18200 but in the end I decided to have the experience and satisfaction of building my own circuit. My initial choice for a motor controller was the L298 but then I found another controller from ST Microelectronics that has a similar power capacity but is in DIP packaging which makes it easier to breadboard. This chip which can be considered as a L293 on steroids is the L6205 and is part of a family that also includes the L6206 and L6207. To summarize the L6205 datasheet ; it is a DMOS dual full bridge motor controller in a 20 pin DIP package...

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