The LM3886 BTL amplifier

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

Figure 2-60 is LM3886 amplifier roar practical circuit, the circuit with one NE5532 as preamplifier, output power up to 200Wo. LM3886 power amplifier for use, due to the large

The LM3886 BTL amplifier
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output power, must have adequate power supply in order to obtain high-quality output. When the two-channel, power transformer capacity should be 300 ~ 400 f ~, dual secondary windings each 28Vo rectifier bridge should 15A, crossing the filter capacitor only to large capacity, and should be of good quality. Since the output power, equipped with a heat sink should have sufficient cooling area, and reduce the use of thermal grease resistance o-made printed circuit board should pay attention to the input and output isolation of the circuit. Signal input line should be short, to prevent self-excited, input capacitance C can eliminate high-frequency self-excited.

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