ADUC831 1.3MIPS 8052 MCU + 62kB Flash + 8-Ch 12-Bit ADC + Dual 12-Bit DAC

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The ADUC832 MicroConverter is a fully integrated 12-bit data acquisition system-on-a-chip. Like all of ADI`s MicroConverter products, it features precision A/D & D/A conversion and a Flash Microcontroller on a single chip. The ADUC832 is 100% hardware backward compatible with the ADUC812 except that it requires a different crystal. If you require

ADUC831 1.3MIPS 8052 MCU + 62kB Flash + 8-Ch 12-Bit ADC + Dual 12-Bit DAC
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full hardware backward compatibility with the ADUC812 use the ADUC831 instead. The ADUC832 is available in 52-pin PQFP or 56-pin CSP packages and operates on a 3V or 5V power supply. The ADUC832 is a complete smart transducer front end, integrat- ing a high performance self-calibrating multichannel 12-bit ADC dual 12-bit DACs and programmable 8-bit MCU on a single chip. The device operates from a 32 kHz crystal with an on-chip PLL generating a high frequency Clock of 16. 77 MHz. This Clock is, in turn, routed through a programmable Clock divider from which the MCU core Clock operating frequency is generated. The micro- controller core is an 8052 and therefore 8051 instruction set compatible with 12 core Clock periods per machine cycle. 62 kBytes of nonvolatile Flash EE program memory are provided on-chip. 4 kBytes of nonvolatile Flash EE data memory, 256 bytes RAM, and 2 kBytes of extended RAM are also integrated on-chip. The ADUC832 also incorporates additional Analog functionality with two 12-bit DACs power supply monitor, and a band gap reference. On-chip digital peripherals include two 16-bit - DACs dual output 16-bit PWM, watchdog Timer time interval Counter three Timers Counters Timer 3 for baud rate generation, 2 and serial I/O ports (SPI, I C, and UART) By Analog Devices, Inc.

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