BE-150 mainframe computer switching power supply circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

BE-150 mainframe computer switching power supply circuit The host computer is shown in BE-150-type switching power supply circuit, the oscillation control IC to switch TIA94. A

BE-150 mainframe computer switching power supply circuit
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C 22V voltage through the power supply switch S1, fuse, filter capacitor C21, L2 and mutual inductance filter rectifier bridge rectifier heap to 30V DC for the switch VT1, VT2 provide voltage. IC TIA94, foot switch output oscillation signal, the transformer T2 for the switch VT1, VI2 base providing a driving pulse, switching pulse by VT1, VT2 after amplification applied to the transformer primary T4, T4 of the secondary rectified, filtered multiple sets of output DC voltage +5 V, + 12 V. Tl, I2 formation start signal at boot time, the pros and cons of T2 after work provided to maintain the oscillator signal fed windings.

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