LF or HF field strength meter

Posted on Jan 18, 2013

CI and LI resonate on the 1750 meter band, with coverage from 150 kHz to 500 kHz. LI can be slug-tuned for 160-to-190 kHz coverage alone or a 2.5 mH choke can be used for LI, if desired, using CI for tuning. A 1N270 germanium diode rectifies the RF signal and C2 is charged at the peak RF level. This dc level is amplified by an LM358. The gain is determined by R2 and R3, 1 100-kilohm linear potentiometer that varies the dc gain from 1 to 100, driving the 50 microampere meter. This field strength meter need not be limited to LF use.

LF or HF field strength meter
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

The Table shows the LI and CI values for HF operation and broadband operation.

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