Cookers detection control circuit

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

Cookers detection control circuit The control circuit shown in cookers for testing. Inductance coil disc lesion is generally about 150 pH. Stove plate coil and capacitor resona

Cookers detection control circuit
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nt device C203, C203 resonance when the resonance voltage generated is relatively high, so the C203 is a high voltage capacitor voltage is 1200 V. AC 22V voltage through a bridge rectifier into a heap on the DC 30V plus stove hob coil, the coil plate to provide a bias for the stove. Current flows through the coil plate stove, the mutual inductance transformer after arrival gate Control. Control of the gate is turned off will make the disc lesion in the coil currents pass, off the change, the formation of high-frequency oscillations. High-frequency oscillations of current to the heat generating efficiency cookers improved. L, N terminal then two 22V AC input, the loop voltage protection varistors R201 play the role, that is, when the input voltage is too high, the varistor R201 will play a short-circuit protection. In the circuit also has a fuse FU. When the machine current is too large, FU will fuse, which is a means of protection. Therefore, the input into the overvoltage protection circuit portion is usually provided a device and a overcurrent protection devices.

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