Lamp touch switch circuit diagram

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Circuit principle as shown, neon tubes N1, N2 and photosensitive resistance RG1 constitute an optocoupler. When touching the metal sheet S1 with a finger, N1 light, so RG1 resi

Lamp touch switch circuit diagram
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stance becomes smaller, so the triac VS1 because sufficient trigger current conduction, so the bulb H energized and lights. At the same time, 220V AC voltage H on the N2 so light, of course, this light shone on RG1, so this time, even touch-up, VS1 remains in the conductive state, namely H remains lit. FIG neon N3 and photosensitive resistor RG2 constitute another photoelectric coupling device. H lit, if you touch a metal sheet S2, the N3 light, so RG2 resistance becomes smaller, the TRIAC VS2 due to sufficient trigger current conduction, so that its G VS1 pole and T1 extremely short and off, H off. To sum up: touch the S1, H lit; then touch the S2, H off; again and again. N1, N2, N3 with a striking voltage of about 60V neon tube lamp power is less than 100W, S1 and S2 for the copper, the size of 5mm 5mm. No special requirements other components. The entire circuit structure is simple, as long as the correct assembly and welding, debugging can work properly.

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