A thirty light water digital control circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

By the oscillator circuit, a counter, Iseki circuit of three parts. Oscillation circuit by the time base manifold NE555 and several external RC element. Its function is to prov

A thirty light water digital control circuit
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ide a pulse signal to the counter. Instantaneous power between, since derivative action C], Rl, and the counter is cleared. With ICl IC2 delivery continued to pulse count after counting the number of pulses output is put in the form of four-digit BCD code. In the ABCD output of the counter, in parallel with IC3, IC4 two single six-speed analog switch IC CD4067. In the counter counts to 15 before the pulse, only IC3 internal analog switch is turned on. Since the power supply circuit IC4 thyristor not conducting derived less power, and therefore although the input terminal 1C, connected in parallel, but internal analog switches non-conductive. Transistor BGi ~ BG4 before IC4 not be turned off by applying a voltage to block IC2 output signal is applied to IC4, IC4 protect the role. When IC2 count to 15 pulses when, IC, analog switch block 16 is turned on, that is, it goes 16 feet high. On the one hand, by the IC2 R end in Makati and is cleared; the other, through D3 female hair thyristor, IC4 energized, thus starting from the first 16 pulses, IC4 of the analog switch off will gradually lead through. Meanwhile, BG6 conduction, BG, reverse bias is turned off. IC, the INH (inhibit) terminal from low to high, the internal switch off the whole, 8421 yards invalid input. That is, since the beginning of the 16th pulse, count the number of functions performed by the IC3 jurisdiction Ic4. When the pulse count to the first 32 Al, 16 block IC4 switch is turned on, 16-pin goes high, by Dl added IC2 ©R end and is cleared. At the same time, but also through D4 added Bq on the base, making it saturated conduction, SCR trigger terminal is shorted to ground off, IC4 lose power, BG6 off, BG5 conduction, IC INH terminal 3 is changed back to low, enter their valid BCD code, circuit and back to working state when power is applied. Again and again the cycle continues, they will have control thirty recirculating lamp system voltage, the flow rate by adjusting potentiometer.

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