CRT final video driver amplifier

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

CRT final video driver amplifier FIG complementary push-pull final video driver amplifier, which is composed of three transistors, VT511 as a driver amplifier, which uses a com

CRT final video driver amplifier
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mon emitter amplifier having a high gain in the form of t characteristics, R signal input from the polar group, enter resistor R2 has the effect of limiting, to prevent excessive base current - the amplified signal output from the collector, and then sent to a complementary push-pull amplifier VT512, VT513 base, VT512 of NPN transistor, VT513 PNP type transistor, then complementary push-pull output stage, the equivalent of two emitter follower, biased by a 20V provides a low output impedance, high output amplitude characteristics of having to provide a drive signal to kinescope cathode.

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