Easy Xenon DC-DC Converters

Posted on Mar 22, 2013

This DC-DC converter (`inverter`) needs nothing but unmodified Radio Shack parts. You don`t need to build or wind any coils or transformers. This is a cheap-and-dirty experimenter`s circuit. I tested this and it worked for me, but I disclaim all warranties! The LM386 audio amplifier, R1 and R2, and C1 and C2 are used to make a crude Wien bridge oscillator. The R1-R2-C1-C2 network has minimum loss and no phase shift at approx. 3.5 kilohertz and serves as the positive feedback route for the oscillator. If an automatic gain/level control circuit was added to keep the oscillation from building up to the point that the LM386 clips, this circuit would be a sinewave oscillator. Instead, the oscillation rapidly builds up to where severe clipping occurs.

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