TA-1500 fever amplifier circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

(Only shown the R channel, the original reference PCB label) o Figure (a) for the front tone circuit. The RC circuit genus common negative feedback operational amplifier. Microphone signal amplification by VTz after the VR3 fed ici negative input signal is mixed

TA-1500 fever amplifier circuit
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with the main station after the 1C1 O pin output o PR1, PR3, respectively, to control the main signal, the volume of the microphone signal to accommodate different signal sources. Tone negative feedback network Yizhu common type, high, medium and bass respectively adjusted, the principle is omitted. Figure (b) is an independent pre-phono input circuit IC3 and balanced network structure, the actual installed capacity of the heart, as the need to decide FIG. (C) for the final amplifier circuit. This is typical of the new Class A dynamic bias fully symmetrical amplifier. This is a class with a fever the level of the final amplifier. Proper component selection, correct installation and commissioning, the sound quality is quite capable of satisfying. VT4.VT6 VT8, fully symmetrical mirror VT10 constitute complementary differential amplifier circuit has a very high common mode rejection ratio and a wide dynamic range of port VT12.VT14 are cleverly connected across the two outputs of the differential circuit to further improve the signal to noise ratio and dynamic circuit voltage symmetrical form a full range oVT18.VT20 drive class. Power output from the VT22, VT26 complete O RP8.VT16, VT24 coincident bias circuit, with its low output resistance, so drive class VT18, VT20 base AC voltage drop close to zero; PR8 for adjusting the VT24 Vce to control end-stage stationary Harcourt current, final work in a dynamic state of the CPI. VT24 and VT22, VT26 with mounted on a heat sink for temperature compensation tracking 6 adjusted VR7 make the whole circuit midpoint Paul held at zero potential to accommodate discrete transistors and power fluctuations mouth

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