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Audio Mixer Circuits


An audio mixer circuit, also called a mixing console, is an electronic circuit for combining, and modifying audio signals. In the process, the source signals level, frequency content, dynamics, and panoramic position are manipulated and effects such as reverb may be added. Audio mixers can be analog or digital type. Digital mixing consoles use Digital Signal Processing concepts and analog mixers are usually based on op-amps electronic circuits.

Audio mixing is practiced for music, film, television and live sound. The process is generally carried out by a mixing engineer operating a mixing console or digital audio workstation. The input audio signals could be anything from microphone inputs, to an audio output of a cd player, to an output of a PC sound card or any other type of analog audio sources.

The basic mixer will be able to combine those signals from different signal sources, change the volumes of each input channel, as well as the overall volume of the mixer output, or the equalization, bass, midrange, treble on each audio channel.


This multi channel audio mixer circuit diagram is built using LM3900 and is used in sound recording to produce most interesting audio for listeners.

FET Audio Mixing and Switching Circuit Diagram Two or more signals can be switched and /or mixed without annoying clicks by using this fet audio.

The circuit present here of four channel audio mixture using op-amp 741 mix four different audio mixture. Various other verified electronic projects from basic to advance.

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Simple 3 channel audio mixer circuit with Quad Norton-Amplifier LM3900. LM3900 [PDF] OP consist of four independent and internally compensated amplifiers in DIL14 package that are designed for wide...

The target of this project was the design of a small portable mixer supplied by a 9V PP3 battery, keeping high quality performance. The mixer is formed assembling three main modules that can be var...

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