811A produced by 10W tube final amplifier

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Characteristics of the transistor 811A to the right, when this type of pipe work there is gate current generating means, in order to effectively discharge grid current, convent

811A produced by 10W tube final amplifier
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ional transformer coupling design are used, the gate electrode is absorbed by the transformer secondary electrons discharged to public a ground terminal, the gate electrode flow ability in the opposite direction, and the secondary coil alternating signal is coupled between the gate and the ground level before and after the completion of coupling, as shown in Figure 1 the right one. This kind of application circuit thanks to promote the transformer, the production cost becomes very high, because the quality is difficult to promote the transformer system for, while the price of the output transformer neck and neck. Here another secluded paths which, using a very low output impedance of the cathode to the output device as the driving amplifier stage, and direct coupling. As a result, since the cathode output impedance low power tube gate electrode child will have relief road, so quiescent DC operating point will not change with the signal caused serious distortion. Designed to be simple from the power line such as shown in Bu 7 (b) shown in D direct coupling transformer coupling low frequency transmission performance than good, and no phase shift system for low cost. As we all know, the output of the voltage gain of the cathode will not be greater than l, so Figure l-7 (b) shown in the main line voltage gain from the input stage to be guaranteed. The circuit analysis of SRPP and pentode amplification can be obtained full power output required voltage increases gain. Compare the two lines, much the same, but look to get spare parts, FIG. 1-7 (a) is more suitable for the domestic production of bile fans, FIG r Lu with gall bladder 2,6K T, 811A are available domestic 6N9P.6P6PFU-811A substitution. Note filament voltage ZC52 is 12.6V, and 6N9P to 6.3V q in the absence of this tube several domestic fry t quite low price, you can try to choose six seventies production Ding by substituting domestic level pipe after pipe, shown with * need to re-determine the resistance R, can be used as a resistance of 470kn wound potentiometers 3W instead of feet, then adjust the resistance so that the cathode potential at 120V SllA can, the amount of its resistance, can be used on a fixed resistance welding power supply is also part of the line was not given, lavish crystal rectifier, rectifier tube are available, but the best use of CI-C filter mode b is noteworthy, the cathode potential 2C521.6K6GT are on loOv, in order to prevent the filament arcing between the anode, pay attention to the grounding of the filament, filament independent power supply can also be used as shown in Figure 1-7 (a.) the dotted line line shows the projection

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