10 Step Baby Gate Sequencer CD4017

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

I Just finished my newest version of the `baby 10 sequencer`. It has control voltage and gate switches. I found some problems with it, and subsequently this module. I will be posting some modifications in the next few days. In preparation of improving my baby 10 sequencer, I`ve been coming up with things to do with the CD4017. A couple weeks ago I

10 Step Baby Gate Sequencer CD4017
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built the sub-oscillator out of the CD4017. That introduced me to the 2 transistor Schmitt Tigger which I borrowed from the Yusynth clock divider. I also borrowed from that same clock divider, a diode "and" gate which I modified for this project. I also chose to incorporate a "gate to trigger" circuit similar to Ken Stones Gate to tigger circuit for my reset sync input. I`m not sure how much of this module you could actually call mine, but I guess this is how you learn at first. Working out this circuit will be a big help when I move onto my all encompassing 10 step baby sequencer. possibly my next project. I came up with a cool idea too as I was trying to do the panel layout. I hate rotary switches! they are expensive and I find them to be panal hogs. There just wasn`t enough room to incorporate all the inputs, outputs, switches and LEDs I wanted in a single module width while still having that clunky 10 position rotary switch. So I came up with an idea of using a SPDT(on/off/on) switch to control the gate as well as the reset. the positions work like this (gate one/gate off/ Reset). One thing to be noted is that having more than a single switch in the reset position will cancel the reset out. This could be fixed by adding diodes but I felt that would be mostly unnecessary and would add 10 diodes the PCB, when really, all you have to do is not have 2 switches set to reset at the same time (something you don`t have to...

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