2004 chevy impala: relay diagram passenger side fuse block

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

2004 chev impala - unable to find the fuse for the rear defogger. I find the relay but both manual and actaul car diagram and passenger side fuse block show 30amp fuse - but nothing is there. Thanks, I check that fuse and it is OK. I see there is a circuit breaker on the schematics. This car does have A/C does that mean the right side (A/C) of dia

2004 chevy impala: relay diagram passenger side fuse block
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gram is the one to use I replaced the relay - still no clicking in relay when I turn on switch ( no power at leads in back as well). Also, compressor clutch broke early in summer - I did not repair - can there be a tie in with this YES. it is possible. You are going to want to check for 2 powers going into the defogger relay with the key on and switch defrost pressed. THis will ensure that the BCM is sending a signal to the relay and that the complete other side of the circuit is ok. With car running - full voltage to two circuits. If your are sure there is no 30 amp circuit - I will check for line problems between fuse box and back of car. what color is the hot coming out of the box I am assuming dark green = thicker gauge wire. THere is that 30 amp circuit breaker in the junction box that will trip and could allow for no power going to the grid. Just keep that in mind. Maybe it is bad or maybe it is just tripped That is actually my original question - how do I find that breaker I t should be on passenger side - is it in back of the box take out the glove box or does the box come out The first diagram is the one I have in owner`s manual / on the junction box. It lists the 30 amp defooger breaker and the power seat breaker as "Inside Components". when I look at the junction box i see all of the breakers but these two "inside components". The right side of the junction box has a gray cover. i removed that. there is a whites...

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