6 Input Mixer PCB

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The mixer circuit above has 3 line inputs and 3 mic inputs. The mic inputs are suitable for low impedance 200-1000R dynamic microphones. An ECM or condenser mic can also be used, but must have bias applied via a series resistor. As with any mixer circuit, a slight loss is always introduced. The final summing amplifier has a gain of 2 or 6dB to ove

6 Input Mixer PCB
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rcome this. The Input line level should be around 200mV RMS. The Pinouts for LM741, LF351, TL071 and NE5534 are shown below. Pinouts for other IC`s can be found on the pinout page. The mic inputs are amplified about 100 times or 40dB, the total gain of the mixer including the summing amplifier is 46dB. The mic input is designed for microphones with outputs of about 2mV RMS at 1 meter. Most dynamic microphones meet this standard. The choice of op-amp is not critical in this circuit. Bipolar, FET input or MOS type op-amps can therefore be used; i. e 741, LF351, TL061, TL071, CA3140 etc. The power supply is a dual positive and negative supply, two 9 Volt batteries may be used as shown above or a power supply is recommended for longer periods of use.

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