8-Channel Air Sampler and Biodetection

The air sampler is a highly effective multi-stage wetted-wall cyclone that continuously processes air at a 325 LPM rate, extracting particulates and transferring them to a liquid phase of 4 to 5 cc volume (see Figure 2). Distilled water is typically the liquid of choice; no additives or surfactants are required for maximum efficiency. This liquid portion may then be periodically transferred in part or in whole to the

biodetector, using a built-in peristaltic pump. A dropper bottle filling station is also integrated into the BioHawk so that a portion or all of the sample may be dispensed into the dropper bottle for archiving and/or application of an alternative analysis method. For example, the dropper bottle feature allows the BioHawk to be used as a sample collection and preparation system for lateral flow tickets. Unique and patented features of the air sampler include its abilities to operate unattended for long periods of time and to amplify trace analyte concentrations by maintaining a user-selected sample fluid volume in the device,

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