Amp Power Supply More Info

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Vacuum tube electronic circuits operate from comparatively high DC voltages (150 to 600 volts). The Electric Utility supplies 120 volts AC. We have studied transformers and, therefore, we know that the 120 vAC line voltage could be stepped up to the necessary range but it would still be AC. The internal circuits of any device you can think of from a stereo receiver to

Amp Power Supply More Info
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an oscilloscope will not operate on AC. These devices must have internal circuits which change the AC to DC. Such a circuit is called a "DC power supply" or more often just "power supply". Figure 3. 1 shows the block diagram of a modern low-voltage regulated DC power supply. Each block has a specific purpose and will be dealt with in individual sections of this chapter. There is no difference in theory between a low voltage supply for transistors and a high voltage supply for tubes. Most audio amplifiers don`t have a voltage regulator but a section on additional filtering has taken the place of the regulator section both in this book and in the power supply. The power supply is connected to the 120 vAC power line by a plug. Many power supplies (those used in laboratory equipment) have a plug with a third wire which connects the metal chassis of the instrument to earth ground. The fuse and switch constitute the protection circuits. The fuse helps to protect the power supply against circuit component failures and mistaken connections. The switch permits the power supply to be turned on and off. The transformer steps the 120 volts of the AC line down or up as required by the devices being powered. The rectifier changes the AC from the transformer to pulsating DC. The filter reduces the magnitude of the pulsations and smoothes out the DC. The regulator reduces the pulsations to a very small value and also holds the output...

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