Amplifier circuit from tube radio

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The comment on using the existing phono connector was to not really change anything at all. Just replace the electrolytic and paper caps, add the 3-wire line cord and use the radio as-is. The selector switch on the radio probably has an `Aux` or `Phono` input that switches the external audio input through the existing audio amp circuit. If you dec

Amplifier circuit from tube radio
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ide to do a rebuild (which doesn`t seem necessary), then my suggestion would be to tap into the 6SN7 gain/phase-splitter stage and not use the rest of the audio path. As far as the power transformer goes, I couldn`t say whether it is sufficient to power a second audio channel. If you convert the output to single-ended, possibly. Unlikely if the transformer has enough margin to add a second PP output stage. Adding a second channel to this is really into the area of Major Changes, not a trivial task at all. Lots of good designs here and on the web if you want to search around - but at that point you`re possibly better off selling the Viking as an "antique" and using the money to buy something new and appropriate for your needs. selling this thing is not easy task in Calgary. However, everything is expensive in Canada compared in US. If I bought a amp kit. it will cost me fortune plus shipping. So it will be better to use those parts and build a new amp from scratch( new chassis).

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