Circuit Compact DJ Station

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This project consists of a small, portable DJ mixer powered by a 9V dc external supply adaptor or from a 9V PP3 battery. The mixer features two stereo phono inputs and two stereo line-level inputs and has one stereo mixing channel. A microphone input and a stereo main output with adjustable gain are also provided. Headphone monitoring includes a c

Circuit Compact DJ Station
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ue switch for selecting Channel 1, Channel 2 or Master Channel. For easy understanding, the circuit is divided into five blocks, as follows: General Circuit diagram:all passive circuitry (controls, faders, switches, input and output connectors) is shown in full, whereas active amplification modules are represented by suitably labeled triangle symbols. Phono Amplifier Module: a high gain stereo amplifier suitable for moving magnet pick-up cartridges, having a frequency response according to RIAA equalization curve and based on the low noise, low distortion LS4558 dual IC. Two identical stereo modules of this type are required. Headphone Amplifier Module: this circuit was already present on this website under Portable 9V Headphone Amplifier. It features a low current drain stereo amplifier based on the low distortion, low noise 5532 dual IC, capable of delivering 3. 6V peak-to-peak into 32 Ohm load at 9V supply (corresponding to 50mW RMS) with less than 0. 025% total harmonic distortion (1kHz & 10kHz). The input source can be selected by means of SW1 for Channel 1 and SW2 for Channel 2. Moving magnet pick-ups must be connected to Phono 1 and 2 inputs, whereas CD players, iPods, Tape recorders, PC Audio outputs and the like can be connected to Line 1 and 2 inputs. After a separate Level control for each channel (P1 and P2), the two incoming audio signals are mixed and cross-faded by means of P3 and associated resistors...

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