Circuit for a test circuit with the PIC16F84A

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

You will need a few items to begin working with microcontrollers. I purchased the PICSTART Plus Part Number: DV003001 kit from Microchip. This kit includes the following: A sample PIC16F84 microcontroller chip: My kit actually came with a PIC16F84A chip. This is a 18 pin, 8-bit chip. The PIC16F84A data sheet is only 88 pages. So this is easier than the

Circuit for a test circuit with the PIC16F84A
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

18F chip. But the 16F chips do not support USB. The programmer unit: This is the device that will write the program to the chip. This will interface with a computer`s serial port. On newer computers, you may need an additional USB to Serial Converter. I am able to use this programmer for the 18 pin PIC16F and the 40 pin PIC18F chips. Compiler, Assembler and IDE. The kit comes with a copy of the MPLAB IDE. This provides a development environment for many different chips and supports C and Assembler programming languages. The IDE contains a simulator and a debugger. While you wait for the kit to be delivered, I would recommend reading the PIC16F84A data sheet. You will need to review the pin configuration on page 3. Make special note of the following: In addition to the above, you will also need some basic electronics components. You will need an oscillator circuit. Section 6. 2 covers the oscillator configurations. The 16F84A chip has four possible oscillator configurations: LP Low Power Crystal, XT Crystal/Resonator, HS High Speed Crystal/Resonator and RC Resistor/Capacitor. A typical oscillator circuit uses a crystal and two capacitors ranging from 15 pF - 33 pF. You can get the crystal and capacitors from The Electronic Goldmine. You will need a breadboard, a IC Extraction Tool, a 5 volt regulator (7805), some LEDs and resistors. I used low power 15mA 3volt LEDs. Doing the math, you find R=(5volt-3volt)/(15mA)=133kOhm....

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