Class A amp circuit

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Because the two amps are the same except for their power sections, we can combine both those questions so that each one helps to explain the other. And when you get a chance to audition the two amplifiers, you`ll be treated to a demonstration of the musical impact of all the techno-talk you`re about to read. You`ll be able to directly compare Class A to Class AB, single-ended to push-pull, as well

Class A amp circuit
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as the inherent sonic differences between 6L6 and EL-84 power tubes. School was rarely this much fun! But hang on because this stuff is pretty deep and no one can expect to understand it all in one shot. I`ve worked with it and thought about it for decades and still have lots to learn. It`s more likely that each time you delve into it, one or two more things will make sense and your understanding will grow step by step. A little like learning to play an instrument. First, the overview of the two amps: The Lone Star Special includes all of the features of the original Lone Star except Tweed Power. (You`ll see why there`s no need for Tweed in a minute. ) The Special has the same two-channel pre-amp including the switchable Drive mode for Channel Two; the gorgeous Reverb, with its own Bright switch; the all-tube FX Loop with the hard-bypass relay (which totally removes the two Send and Return tubes plus their Level controls and jacks from the signal path); the switchable fan; the aluminum chassis and so on, just like its Big Brother. But whereas the Lone Star uses four big 6L6 output tubes with channel-assignable power switching of 50 or 100 watts, the Special uses four EL-84s, the crunchy little nine-pin power punks. Each style of power has it own musical virtues, and many players will want both amps. The 6L6s put out huge, airy warmth with shimmering highs and enough clean headroom to play almost anywhere. These power tubes...

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