Controlling circuit of the touch control screen make short biography

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The touch control screen is not any fresh thing, present electronic product basically all have a colored liquid crystal greatly, add a touch type touch control screen. It is very convenient to use, can totally replace that kind of fixed key set in the past. Introduced the driving circuit of a kind of touch control screen as follows, I just worked

Controlling circuit of the touch control screen make short biography
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out this small board an hour ago too, will publish this daily record at once after succeeding in test, fresh and hot! First of all, introduce the structures of the following contact control screens, it was cohered together by a contact control screen and a liquid crystal display screen. Liquid crystal display screen according to color, material, last way classification, various in style, does not introduce to the liquid crystal screen in detail here, that used is the display screen of dot matrix of 16Bit semitransparent reflecting type TFT liquid crystal in this text picture. And touch the screen and is mainly divided into two big classes, including capacitive and resistance type. The capacitive touch control screen carries on the work by the induction by current of the human body, the advantage is to have long performance life, does not need to exert oneself while touching, the faceplate is hard and wear-resisting; The shortcoming is to touch the precision low, it is touching activated to use the particular medium such as the human skin, Exerted a tremendous influence by the temperature humidity, there is the external world relatively at the time of the electric field of high-intensity magnetic fields, the touch control screen will not work, to put it briefly anti-interference is discrepancy. The resistance type touch control screen makes use of resistance quantity of the axis of ordinates and abscissa axis while pressing...

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