Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This area shows the construction and testing of a new half-wave (dual) Tesla coil. This type of coil has two secondaries driven by a single tank circuit. The design shown here is a small and rather in-efficient dual coil constructed from scrap parts for basic purposes. This area shows the functioning Tesla coil being tested as well as some other m

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inor improvements being made. The tesla coil project is aimed mainly at the scientific and Tesla coiler community. I intend to use my Tesla coil for lightning demonstrations and entertainment. This section shows another different type of Tesla coil design called a half-wave or "twin" Tesla coil. Basically this type is two primaries and secondaries with the primaries wound 180 degrees out of phase in a series fashion. A single tank circuit capacitor and spark gap drives both opposing primaries and a split phase output develops on each secondary top terminal with the RF ground acting as a "center tap". My dual coil was made entirely from scrap material that was left over after building the main single Tesla coil. Instead of throwing it away, I decided to build a small table-top dual Tesla coil. The self-contained system is built in a wood and plexiglass box about 6 inches high, 6 inches wide, and about 16 inches long. The HV power is provided by the same small 10 kV, 23 mA oil burner transformer used in earlier experiments. It was unpotted from its tar case, placed in its own compartment, and sealed in wax (from old candles melted down) becoming and integral part of the coil base unit. The tank circuit is two 30 kV, 0. 0025 uF doorknob type capacitors in parallel (0. 005 uF total). A MMC of 32 10 kV rated capacitors (0. 008 uF total) sealed in wax did not work too well so the doorknobs were used. The series spark gap is a...

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