Doorbell Cascade

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

Sometimes you have to do it the hard way, even if doing it the easy way is an option. That is the case here. The intention is to add a second doorbell in parallel with the existing bell. This does not, in principle, require any electronic components. You would simply connect the second bell to the first one. But if the existing bell transformer is

Doorbell Cascade
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not rated for the additional load then this is not a good idea! An option is to buy a new and larger transformer. But bigger also means more expensive! Moreover, replacing the existing transformer can be an awkward job, for example when it is built into the meter box. So we follow different approach. This circuit is connected in parallel with the existing bell. This is possible because the current consumption is very small compared to the load of the bell. The bridge rectifier rectifies the bell voltage when the push-button is pressed. This will then close therelay contacts. These contacts are the electronic` button for the second bell, which is powered from its own cheap bell transformer.

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