Dummy Transmission Circuits for Subcutaneous Transmitter

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

Developing a transmitter small enough to be implanted in the body of a rat, fast enough to transmit four hundred sixteen-bit data samples per second, powerful enough to be detected at a range of three meters, and efficient enough to operate for three months on alithium battery. We divided our development into four stages, each of which we committed to complete within a number of weeks of

Dummy Transmission Circuits for Subcutaneous Transmitter
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receiving payment for the previous stage Open Source Instruments (OSI) submitted its Technical Proposal in November 2004, together with one Miniature Transmitter ( A3001D ) and one Downshifting Receiver ( A3001B ). This completed Stage One of development. OSI invoiced ION (Institute of Neurology) for £3000 and received payment on 18 January 2005. On 16th February 2005, Kevan Hashemi, President, OSI, visited Matthew Walker at ION and brought him four Transmitters with On-Off Switches ( A3002 ), which Kevan demonstrated along with the Downshifting Receiver (A3001B). On 26th April 2005 OSI shipped two Transmitters with Logic Chips ( A3004 ) and two Demodulating Receivers ( A3005 ) to Matthew at ION by DHL. These final circuits meet our optimistic performance targets, and complete Stage Two of development. On 28th April 2005 OSI sent an invoice by airmail to ION for £5, 000 as agreed upon for the completion of Stage Two. According to the schedule layed down in its Technical Proposal, OSI Inc. should have delivered its Dummy Transmission Circuits within eight weeks of receiving payment for its Technical Proposal. Even allowing for the time it took for a United Kingdon check to clear through the United States banking system, these circuits were due on 18th March 2005. As it is, OSI shipped them on 26th April, five weeks late. We did, however, obtain permission from Matthew Walker to delay shipment by several weeks because we...

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