Filaments Detection Circuit

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

LCD modules have become a popular way to Display system messages and status in embedded applications. This application note shows how to Interface an SST FlashFlex ® microcontroller1 to a typical character LCD module. The SST FlashFlex is an industry-standard, 8051-compatible MCU and thus gives full control of its I/O ports allow- ing for a variet

Filaments Detection Circuit
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y of hardware/firmware implementations of the LCD Interface For simplicity, our sample implementa- tion uses ports P1 and P3 of the MCU as bit-banged  I/O. However it is also possible to implement the Interface with a memory-mapped I/O scheme, using ports P0 and P2 as a data and address bus. 2. 0 HARDWARE SCHEMATICS The hardware schematic in Figure 2-1 is applicable to most character LCD modules because they conform to the same industry-standard pin assignments and instruction set. The signals to the LCD module consists of an 8-bit data bus, power signals, three control signals, and optionally two pins for a backlight ; This project is LCD Interfaces to standard 8051 MCU such as ; SST89E516RDx, SST89E58RDx. .

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