Getting started with AVR development

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

You can buy ready-made programmers, but why spend money when you can build it yourself from parts that you have lying around The simple SI-Prog doesn`t require that many parts and is supported by several popular pieces of software. The full SI-Prog is designed to work with a variety of different chip types, as well as provide power to the microco

Getting started with AVR development
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ntroller that it`s programming. If one assumes that we`re only going to be programming AVRs and powering the circuit ourselves then it can be simplified quite considerably! I`m using the circuit from the AVR Programmer page on Electronics-DIY. com. The circuit diagram is replicated below. The DE-9 connector plugs into your PC`s serial port, and so should be a standard female connector. For the in circuit serial programmer (ICSP) side, I recommend using a six-way single row pin socket - you can then put a matching pin header on your circuit board (or plugged into your breadboard) to allow you to quickly and easily connect and disconnect the programmer. The nearest-sized sockets and headers I found were eight-way, but you should be able to cut them to size with a sharp pair of wire cutters. Now that you have a programmer, you need some way to test it. A suitable circuit for the ATmega168 is illustrated below: the programming header is connected to the AVR`s RESET (1), MOSI (17), MISO (18) and SCK (19) lines, as well as its power supply ” both VCC (7) and AVCC (20) are connected, as well as GND (7). Consult the ATmega168 data sheet for more pin definitions. The pins in pin headers usually have one long end and one short end either side of the insulating block. You may find that they spring out of breadboards if you put the short end in first, or fail to make a proper connection to the programming header if you put the long end...

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