Guitar pre-amplifier using uA 741

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

A preamplifier circuit suitable for high impedance type electric guitar pickups is given here. The circuit is based on a uA 741 op-amp (IC1). The IC1 is wired as a non-inverting amplifier. The POT R1 can be used as a volume controller. The POT R6 can be used as tone controller. The switch S1 is used to produce brilliant  or soft  tonal effects. You

Guitar pre-amplifier using uA 741
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

folks who know electronics, please advise me! I am wanting to design some buffer circuitry for a homebrew fancy guitar selector gadget. I know that op-amps will give me more flexibility in circuit design over JFETs, but some people have observed that op-amp buffers sound colder and more sterile . Do you have any opinions Would a JFET circuit really preserve the guitar`s tone better If there is a difference that could be noticed, I think I`d be willing to do the more involved JFET design, though I`ll need to know how to boost the gain (I`ll want to boost the signal be a few db), which of course op-amps can do more easily.

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