Heat Sensor

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This simple heat sensor circuit could senses heat from various electronics device like computer, amplifier etc. and generate warning alarm. It could senses heat from environment also, but here I mention electronics device  because it is being using mostly in electronic device to protect them from overheat. As it is a heat sensor circuit, here a

Heat Sensor
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thermistor is used as a heat sensor. It is a thermal measurement device and has a variety of usages including temperature sensor/ heat sensor. The thermistor used in this circuit is a NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) type thermistor. When temperature increases, its resistance goes decrease. Therefore, NTC thermistor`s resistances are inverse of temperature. BC548: BC548 is a TO-92 type NPN transistor, as its alternative you can use 2N2222, BC238, BC548, BC168, BC183 etc. they all have almost same characteristic.

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