Help with designing a circuit with logic gates

There are chips that have AND/OR/NOT gates, but I was wondering if there`s a single one that have all of the ones I need - if not, then what should I use specifically Any reason it has to be those particular gates For example a package with with four NOR gates could be used to make the logical equivalent of the NOT gate and the OR gate. PeterJ Apr 30 `13 at 10:28 Despite the mention of buying components,

this sounds somewhat like a homework question. While homework questions are not expressly forbidden, you are more likely to get favorable response and perhaps answers, if you explain in your question what you have figured out so far and what you are stuck at. Anindo Ghosh Apr 30 `13 at 10:30 Wow. Thanks guys I got my answer. Don`t worry it`s not homework :). I mentioned these gates because I used Karnaugh map, but it is not mandatory - sorry for misleading. Thanks again! talbenmoshe Apr 30 `13 at 17:00

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