Higher Input Or Output for L200 Voltage Regulator

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This is higher input or output for L200 voltage regulator circuit. This circuit is designed to solve the problem that occurs when the input or output voltages are higher than the device can produce. This circuit uses the external components. Here is the circuit : The transistor is used to absorb the excess voltage when there are high input voltage

Higher Input Or Output for L200 Voltage Regulator
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. The SOA of the preregulation transistor and the dissipated power should be calculated. The maximum input volage that can be reached if we use BDX53 is 56 V, so the Vce on transistor is 20V with load current o 2A the operation point remains inside SOA. The ripple at the input of the circuit is reduced by preregulation, so it can recieve an output voltage with negligible ripple. When we need a high output voltage, we can use a second zener, Vz, that is used to refer an IC`s ground pin to a potential other than zero. To protect the output from short circuit, this circuit uses diode D1. [Source: STMicroelectronics Application Note] This is digital voltage selection control circuit. This circuit uses L200 Regulator. It can be used to regulated the output voltage digitally. Here is the circuit : A combination of P2, R3, R2, and R1 with R5 form voltage divider Continue reading †’. Buffering for the zener is provided by the impedance matching and current amplifying characteristics of the emitter follower and draw less current from it. To a Zener regulator, it`s a useful adjunct. The capacitor on the right circuit is used Continue reading †’. The figure below show us a zener regulator. The essential component is the dropping resistor R which the value given by (V-Vo)/I, where I is the desired output plus 10%. As long as the supply voltage V is constant, the Continue reading †’. This is a Low-dropout (LDO) Regulator circuit,...

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