Hobby-Servo Encoder Retrofit

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The encoder strip should be laser-printed on sticky label material (ink-jet might work, I haven`t tried it). It is then cut out and wrapped around the barrel of the second drive gear. I used bright white sticky address labels Avery `WeatherProof White Labels` #15510 from my fiendish local Office Depot. The measurements shown on the drawing are to

Hobby-Servo Encoder Retrofit
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fit the second gear of the motor. I cut them slightly longer than the length at both ends so there is a bit of overlap when wrapped around the gear barrel. Here is a 300dpi image of a set of them with cutlines, perhaps positioned to print correctly on the 1x2-5/8" labels specified above: StripePrint. They have a bit of leader on each end to make a good overlap. Clean all the grease off the gear with rubbing alcohol or brake cleaner or something even worse. Then rough-up the gear barrel surface with an emery board or small file so the label will have something to stick to. Then clean everything again and don`t touch the barrel surface. Wrap the cut label strip, starting with the white block, around the barrel. Be careful to keep it aligned with the gear so it goes on straight with no crinkles of bubbles. The last black block should overlap the starting edge just slightly. Then carefully burnish the label down with a piece of smooth hard plastic. (. I just happen to have an old press-type burnishing tool for the job, that shows my age I guess. ). I also put a small drop of super-glue on the joined edges in the hope that this will hold them together, I have no idea, yet, how long these labels will stick to the un-sticky nylon gear. Put the gear train back together the way it was and make sure there is clearance for the stripe as it rotates. During reassembly you can also put a little lube on the gears and bearings (you can get...

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