IR Remote Control Repeater

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

This system is used to distribute IR commands around your house. This is useful if you have A/V equipment in one room that you want control from several other rooms. This project uses one Microchip PIC 16F877 to do all the work. The firmware is written in mostly C. It is compiled with Hi-Tech`s free PIC C compiler, available here. The schematics w

IR Remote Control Repeater
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

ere drawn with CadSoft`s Eagle schematic drawing program, which is also free, and available here. Here is the main schematic. Click on it for a larger picture. It can be built one of two ways: simple input mode, or deluxe input mode. With deluxe input mode, the circuit can detect which inputs have something connected and will inform you via the status LEDs. If an LED is off, there`s nothing connected. If an LED is on, there is something connected. With simple mode, the circuit can`t tell you whether there`s something connected or not, but it does use less parts. To select whether you want to simple or deluxe mode, you will have to change the BETTER_IR_EYE_MODE definition in the code and re-build. The code has been built in deluxe mode by default. Port B is used for the eight inputs. Each input is connected to one of two things: a piece of equipment that has some sort of remote control jack (like a Pioneer SR jack), or an IR receiver module, or "eyeball". Either way, the signal must be +5V when idle and have 0V pulses when active. If you hook this to some equipment that has an output jack, it is expected that the equipment outputs a baseband (ie, demodulated) version of the modulated IR pulses from your remote controls. The inputs can be set up in simple mode or deluxe mode. In simple mode, no extra components are needed for the inputs. The internal port B pullup resistors are used. If an input is high, either nothing is...

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