Low Cost Water Pump Controller Circuit

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Low Cost Water Pump Controller Circuit. The sensors applied to the circuit could be any two conducting probes, preferably resistant to electrolytic corrosion. For example, in the easiest case, a appropriately sealed audio jack could be utilized to operate as the sensor. Here the circuit diagram of low cost water pump controller. The automatic pum

Low Cost Water Pump Controller Circuit
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p controller minimizes the need for any manual switching of water pumps installed for the functionality of pumping water from a reservoir to an overhead tank. It instantly switches on the pump once the water level within the tank falls below a. Here the water-level indicator which use a 7-segment display, to show the water level (low, half and full) in the tank. Moreover, a buzzer is utilized to warn you of water overflowing from the tank. The circuit shows the water level by displaying L, H and F for low, half and full, respectively. The circuit. Here the notebook anti theft protector circuit to secure your important netbook / notebook from stealing. Basically, this is a mini security alarm generator. Fixed inside the notebook case, it will definitely sound a noisy alarm when a person attempts to grab the notebook. This very sensitive circuit utilizes a homemade tilt switch to turn. This is the circuit diagram of automatic light controller which use 78xx voltage regulator IC series. The voltage regulator ICs deliver a constant output voltage, as against a extensively fluctuating input supply, when the common terminal is grounded. Any voltage about zero volt (ground) interconnected within the common terminal is added to the output voltage. . This is a low-cost and simple intercom circuit design. Some intercom circuits is build by applying integrated circuits. The circuit described right here utilizes 3 certainly transistors...

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