Mini 100 Mbit Ethernet integrates microcontroller

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

It`s a miniature 10/100-MbBit Ethernet module that includes an integrated microcontroller. Price is less than $60 a pop. With its minimal dimensions of 1. 38-in. x 2. 16-in. (34. 5-mm x 54-mm) the communications module can be used for compact designs such as surveillance systems, or vibration analysis equipment. The module includes a 3. 3-V regulator and 5-V-tolerant I/Os.

Mini 100 Mbit Ethernet integrates microcontroller
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The embedded microcontroller is a Silabs (Silicon Laboratories) Type C8051F021/23 device, which, as the part number indicates, is an 8051-derived processor. This block diagram (click to magnify) illustrates some of the on-silicon features of these processors. The C8051F021 or /23 is really what`s responsible for the rich feature set of this product. These controllers are capable of delivering 20-MIPS peak performance with supplied clock options. An-board JTAG connector eases debug and downloading of code. The IP Avenger`s processor works with 64-kbytes of application-programmable flash, and 4-kbytes of SRAM. Thanks to C8051F021/23s, the mini-module also offers two UARTs. These serial channels let the module adapt to numerous gateway applications. RS-232 or RS-485 gateway applications typically require very few external components. The module also includes no less than four channels of 10-bit/12-bit A/D conversion. These analog-inputs offer PGAs (programmable gain amplifiers). You also get up to seven channels of 8-bit A/D conversion, also with PGAs. On the output side there are two 12-bit voltage-DAC (digital-to-analog converter) channels. A less-than-$200 evaluation kit contains the tools for starting development. The kit contains one IP Avenger module and a JTAG-serial adapter. An IDE (integrated development environment), with debugger, comes on a supplied CD-ROM. The CD also includes a copy of binaries, as well as a...

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