Morse Code Decoder Circuit

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

I have been getting a lot of emails about this project. Most of them are because of the bad source code listing at the end of the author`s notes. I have seen this problem all over the web and I too have ran into the same problem when compiling the code. I am assuming that the code has been copied and pasted so many times that things have been jumbled.

Morse Code Decoder Circuit
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

You will notice that the code does not compile because of the duplicate labels "dlp1". I have not had time to fully break apart the code yet, but I am assuming the extra code that exists with the duplicate label is extraneous and should be removed. Once this block of code is removed, it should compile. I modified the code and reposted it. I also included the compiled hex file as well. NOTE: I changed the header to be used with the PIC16F84A since those are readily available from Microchip. So you want to become a HAM, or you`ve got one of those no-code licences, but like me feel somewhat lacking, . not having obtaining that age old badge of proficiency that differientiated the HAM from other radio operators. However, like thousands and thousands of others, you have trouble learning the code. The problem for most people is the non-real time nature of the process, i. e. , writing down the last character while listening to, and decoding the signature of the next character. Furthermore, when you make a mistake, the entire process collapses as your mind tries to perform error correction, trying to fill in the missing blanks, causing you to miss even more characters. One way out of this delimma is to remove the burden of writing down the characters altogether during the process of building up your code speed. But to do this you need a device that copies and displays the code in parallel with you, which is what the stand-alone...

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