PC-Midi Interface

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This design is for PC Soundcards obviously. If you need an interface for a Mac see my other page. For other computers and PCs without a soundcard you might take a look at Harmony Central`s interface page. I have built one of these myself, exactly as described, so I know this design works. However, I make no promises that you will be able to do likewise, or that I will be able to help you if yours doesn`t work.

PC-Midi Interface
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

I don`t mind trying to help if you contact me, and most people who have done so have managed to get their interface going. It is also worth noting that Jim Rowe (of Electronics Australia and more recently with Silicon Chip - both Australian electronics magazines) has published two versions of a similar circuit. These are available (by mail order if required) as kits from a number of Australian electronics stores. Dick Smith Electronics may still have the original version `MIDI Breakout Box` kit. It may even be cheap (with limited stock) as it`s been superceded. The newer version, `MIDI Mate` is a far neater design with a very nice box and front label (in my opinion). Jaycar Electronics has the full kit (all hardware including printed circuit board) for this project for AUD$39. 95 and it can be ordered from them by email. Dick Smith will probably also have the later version as well although I haven`t checked this. (Please note: I have absolutely no affiliation with Dick Smith or Jaycar). Important note: I recently built one of these `MIDI Mate` kits for a friend. The MIDI In port did not work reliably. Neither of these kits have a resister from pin 7 of the optocoupler to ground. The addition of this resistor to the board fixed the problem (the reason for my inclusion of this resistor in all my designs is mentioned in the Mac version ) I also take absolutely no responsibility for computer or midi equipment which might be...

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