PIC-based circuit example from Westford MicroSystems repeater for GPS data and battery voltage monitor

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

If a page name is not selected by pressing the button, the previously selected page name continues to be used. The value is stored in EEPROM and may be changed at any time. When the unit is first powered on, and any time the Position page is displayed, the current magnetic variation is saved and used to convert all heading and bearing informationto magnetic degrees. The

PIC-based circuit example from Westford MicroSystems repeater for GPS data and battery voltage monitor
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repeater checks the $GPRMC data sentence once every 10 minutes to update the magnetic variation. If the GPS sends a "satellite warning flag", the following message is displayed. This would occur if satellites aren`t being received (GPS indoors ) or if the satellites are broadcasting some sort of warning. If the baud rate received from the GPS is other than 4800, the following message is displayed. This would occur, for instance, if NMEA-0182 protocol (1200 baud) is selected or during Garmin protocol (9600 baud) uploads/downloads. A rather nice piece of Windows software provides the ability to create several virtual COM ports from one incoming GPS, and provides a simulated NMEA-0183 data stream for demo or testing, and has a number of other intesting features. There are other GPS and Serial tools as well. Refer to GpsGate at Franson Technology AB Pots R1, R2, R3 are adjusted to display correct battery voltages. To calibrate, apply 13. 98 volts and adjust the pot to display correctly. 14. 99 volts and higher simply displays as "14. 99". The diode on the 12V power supply input provides reverse current protection. More importantly, it isolates the repeater from 12V collapse (during engine starting, for instance. ) Any LCD display that has an industry-standard HD44780 compatible controller may be used. "Supertwist" displays have wider viewing angles than others. Two examples of LED backlight supertwist displays are: Basic...

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