Programming PIC 16F84A

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

After answering all those questions, to yourself, and geting the answers and/or decisions on that, some serious studying of the PIC datasheet is the next step ion order to know what the steps for each configuration and other details. Not quite. It is bit 3 of Port B, not pin 3 which is RA4. RB3 is on pin 9 of the PIC (for the DIP & SOIC packages).

Programming PIC 16F84A
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

Look at the pin diagram (Table 1-1) in the data sheet. Still, the schematic you posted has many thing wrong. Are you sure this is exactly as your lecturer gave it to you Or maybe the errors are on purpose to see if you read the data sheet to get this circuit to work. Therefore we`ll point out the errors but not the solutions, that`s up to you to learn. As to whether the code might work, use the MPLAB Simulator to Step through your code. When you step through the code check that every register gets the value it should. This should always be to first step in debugging and will catch many `dumb` errors.

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