Posted on Feb 5, 2014

A 1989 buick electra park avenue with a battery drainage problem. I think i have located the culprit but not the exact source. When the engine is off after running awhile, what i think is a compressor of sorts is engaging. It runs for 5 to 7 second intervals. I thought it may be the cooling fan but im not sure what it is. I have looked fordiagrams to find the component name but have had no verifiable success.

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It is located behind the Left headlight (drivers side). I can only guess that it is a compressor for the fuel to air mixture for the injectors I also have a problem with the heater. it doesnt seem to want to operate in our North Dakota cold-it only operates (or whispers) on low. This seems to me a resistor module problem. but could it be ECM and could the two be related through a faulty ECM how can i figure it out Hi, Glad to be of help. When looking for shorts or components with current draw, the best and quickest way to find the culprit is to hook up a volt meter between battery negative cable and battery post. Start pulling fuses inside and under hood one by one until voltage drops below. 3 volts. If no luck with fuses, pull relays and disconnect componets that have power at all times such as alternator. Most of the time a cooling fan relay is the problem but could be ignition switch or something else. It`s not the ECM. Do you have an air ride system with air compressor If you have ABS brakes, this may be your problem. The only cheap thing to replace on these is the relay, otherwise may be looking at replacing the whole ABS unit. Hope this is not your problem. The heater problem is most likely the blower relay located on passenger side under dash near heater box. I discovered it was not the relay by way of replacement. awaiting shipment of a resistor module for replacement. otherwise the motor will need replacing due to...

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