RF Mixer Circuit

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

In the general sense a mixer is basically any circuit that combines two or more circuits or signals into a common output. A more commonly used definition defines a mixer as a nonlinear circuit as one that accepts as its input two different frequencies [F1 & F2] and than outputs between two and four signals: The term non-linear refers to a component which causes a current

RF Mixer Circuit
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to with the application of a voltage, but the current does not change in a linear relationship with the voltage. See Heterodyning. The standard symbol for a mixer, shown in the right side-bar is a circle with an `X` in the center. The diagram also depicts one of the most common uses of a mixer, that is combing a local oscillator with an RF signal to produce an IF signal. The term mixer describes a function, that of mixing two signals together. So there are a vast number of ways to implement a mixer. The mixers shown on this page include a mixer made from a diode, a transistor mixer, and a vacuum tube mixer. However those are just the component used to provide the nonlinear function, within those three groupings there are even more variations. There isn`t necessarily a need to design a mixer using discrete components. Mixers are also sold as complete self-contained components, refer here for a lost of Manufacturers of RF Mixers. The circuits shown here are just intended to show a few different circuit variations, and not intended to cover the design of a mixer. Unbalanced mixers is a style that allows some of the input signal power to pass through to the output. While a single-balanced mixer is configured so the local oscillator, or RF input, cancels and cannot pass through to the output. However a double balanced mixer has symmetrical paths for both the oscillator and RF inputs, and will have no output if either input...

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