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Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Rasbian on the Raspberry Pi is great, but the official image is large and includes all sorts of stuff I don`t need (my Pis don`t generally have screens as I use them for playing music, or being GPS NTP time servers, or collecting data on my power usage not things which need, for example, a screen and a gui!). I did manage to cobble together a

Random Musings
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base install using the Debian installer on a Pi, but it took a loooong time, and cloning this image every time I want to do a new one is a bit of a pain; for one thing the image is quite old now so apt-get has to update a lot of packages to bring it up to current, and for another the machines all get the same ssh keys, and the filesystems all have the same unique` IDs (which tends to confuse things if you simultaneously plug 2 of the resulting SD cards into the same PC!). So I`ve been mucking around with a better way to generate basic Rasbian installs for the Pi. I`ve discovered that the combination of multistrap and qemu-static allows the building of a complete up-to-date installation tree on my x86-64 Ubuntu desktop in a tiny fraction of the time it would take to do the same thing on a Pi. For my base install (which is indeed very basic) my machine takes about 5 minutes (with the packages files already in my apt-cacher-ng cache). Sometimes the longest step is copying all the data to the SD card! One of the nice things about using multistrap to do this is the ability to make cascaded configurations so I can define a base configuration which works for me, and then have other configurations which build on top of it for specific applications. If I make improvements to the base, then regenerating one of the cascaded configurations will incorporate the improvements automatically. It also means I don`t have to remember or...

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