Rectifier/filter circuit Semiconductors

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

A bridge rectifier `pack` is highly recommended over constructing a bridge rectifier circuit from individual diodes, because such `packs` are made to bolt onto a metal heat sink. A metal box is recommended over a plastic box for its ability to function as a heat sink for the rectifier. A larger capacitor value is fine to use in this experiment, so

Rectifier/filter circuit Semiconductors
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long as its working voltage is high enough. To be safe, choose a capacitor with a working voltage rating at least twice the RMS AC voltage output of the low-voltage AC power supply. High-wattage 12-volt lamps may be purchased from recreational vehicle (RV) and boating supply stores. Common sizes are 25 watt and 50 watt. This lamp will be used as a "heavy" load for the power supply. This experiment involves constructing a rectifier and filter circuit for attachment to the low-voltage AC power supply constructed earlier. With this device, you will have a source of low-voltage, DC power suitable as a replacement for a battery in battery-powered experiments. If you would like to make this device its own, self-contained 120VAC/DC power supply, you may add all the componentry of the low-voltage AC supply to the "AC in" side of this circuit: a transformer, power cord, and plug. Even if you don`t choose to do this, I recommend using a metal box larger than necessary to provide room for additional voltage regulation circuitry you might choose to add to this project later. The bridge rectifier unit should be rated for a current at least as high as the transformer`s secondary winding is rated for, and for a voltage at least twice as high as the RMS voltage of the transformer`s output (this allows for peak voltage, plus an additional safety margin). The Radio Shack rectifier specified in the parts list is rated for 25 amps and 50...

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