Stall Matrix

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The circuits on this page are basic designs for `Diode Matrix` switch machine control systems that can be used to operate `Stall Motor` switch machines in `Ladder` type storage yards or other multiple turnout areas. The principle for these diode matrix circuits on this page is very much the same as for those used to control twin coil type switch

Stall Matrix
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machines except that the diodes handle much lower currents. The following diagram is for the circuitry of the 556 - Switch Machine Drivers. On the Diode Matrix system schematics these circuits are represented by a logic block diagram in order to simplify the diagrams. Tracks 1 through 4 are selected with the appropriate push buttons. This in turn SET`s or RESET`s, through the diode matrix, the appropriate switch machine motor controller to its "N" or "R" condition and operates the turnouts. Included in the diagram is a "Truth Table" that shows the position of each turnout for the particular track that is selected. The "X" or "DON`T CARE" symbol means that it does not matter where that turnout is lined to if track 1 or 2 is selected. In the following diagram; extra diodes, as indicated by the dashed lines on the schematic, have been added so that the turnouts above a selected track are moved to their "N" positions when the lower track`s button is activated. This means that if a double ended yard had separate matrix circuits at each end - these could be connected together so that both ends of the yard could be operated from the matrix selector at either end if desired. When the tie switches are open the turnouts at the each end of the yard are operated by their respective matrix systems. When the tie switches are closed the turnouts in the yard can be operated from either end. Two options for connecting the separate matrix...

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